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Quincy Service League Community Projects

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

QSL League members distribute books to a designated summer school site in Quincy for K – 5th Grade students. Members must participate in two distributions – one at the beginning and one at the end of the 20 day summer school program, each lasting for 3 hours in the morning. League members serve on the planning committee for both distributions. This committee decides the book to be read aloud and the presentation activity. Committee members are also responsible for picking up and dropping off
books for one of the distributions. The chairman coordinates distribution dates and times with QPS, Julie Stratman, summer school coordinators, and the QSL RIF committee members.
Committee Members:
Lindsay Ertel - Chair
Amber Hendrian
Kim Kennedy
Carrie Trowbridge
The Monotones

The Monotones

Monotones is a group of ladies who bring joy to residents of area assisted living homes and nursing homes through song and dance. This unique project runs each fall, with performances in the evenings from mid-September through mid-October. Our entertaining show is a 26 minute, "show-choir" styled show: featuring a collaboration of medleys that touch on four significant decades of music that helped shape and evolve the music industry. The show ends in a grand finish, with a beautiful arrangement of three Patriotic favorites. After each performance, we share cookies and visit with the residents. The most rewarding part of this project is not only visiting with them, but watching them enjoy the music; singing and clapping along to the music is our greatest reward. They are very gracious in communicating how much they enjoy our visits and look forward to our return year after year. If you would like to learn more about Monotones, please contact the current project chair.

Committee Members:
Kellea Hendrian - Chair
Jill Babey
Caly Cramsey
Catie Doyle
Nikki Doyle
Megan Peters
Kate Rodemich
Melanie Schertel
Allison Smith
Kristi Smith

Chaddock Project

QSL League members can use their creativity and imagination to plan and facilitate activities for the students of Chaddock on Monday evenings for 1 ½ hours from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. This project is suited to members who have a traditional work schedule. There are 10 dates in the fall and 10 dates in the spring scheduled. Members serve twice in the fall and twice in the spring in teams of two. One person from the team selects the activity, purchases materials, provides snacks, makes any other necessary
arrangements and leads the activity for the night. The other team member assists when not leading. The activity can be held on or off campus. One of the two activities planned by each League member
should be educational or a life skill activity. Also, all members on the project are required to attend the year end party to celebrate a fun year with the kids! Chaddock provides the transportation and support staff for the off campus activities. QSL members are not in charge of discipline or behavior. The number of students will not exceed 10 and consists of both males and females between the ages of 12 and 16. Students earn the opportunity to attend Monday activities by displaying good behavior throughout the week. Chaddock is a fantastic project regardless of background. 

Committee Members:
Lizzy Klingner - Chair
Kristin Dreasler
Elizabeth Ernst
Catherine Meckes
Heather Niemann
Anna Oakley
Kristin Peters
Ann Reed
Jen Reekie
Stevee Sohn
Emily Tait

The Family Dinner Project

The Family Dinner Project offers League Members the unique opportunity to not only work as a team with other league members, but also get to know community families through food preparation, teaching methods of interaction amongst family members and facilitating discussions of challenges and
solutions to meet family needs. Family dinners are shown to improve kids’ vocabulary, resilience and self-esteem, while decreasing their likelihood of eating disorders, teen pregnancy and substance abuse. This project asks that League members bring an empathetic ear, passion for helping and a dash of cooking experience to enjoy dinner with families in our community, while positively impacting their minds, bodies and spirits through the core concepts of Food, Fun and Conversation. Members will be
asked to complete an initial 2-hour training online or in person. This can be flexible to accommodate schedules. Dinners will be approximately 3 hours and held evenings during the week at Horizons Soup Kitchen. Members will be able to select which evenings they are available to work, once dates have been decided by the committee. Committee members will also devote a small portion of their efforts, on a flexible basis, to planning and soliciting donations to include such items as food, table service, table decorations, etc. 

Committee Members:
Sarah Bockhold - Chair
Kim Boudreau
Elizabeth Brown
Hannah Cassens
Kristie Chevalier
Allison Hall
Emily Hawkinson
Colleen Rieke
Breane Schafer

Student Mentoring

QSL members will mentor and work one-on-one with a student through the Quincy Public Schools. Tutoring and working on assignments will occur, but often the mentoring includes: game play, work puzzles, reading and simple interaction with the students so that the mentors form a meaningful relationship with the student. Mentor hours depend on the individual student’s teacher and the
student’s schedule.

Committee Members:
Gina Bergman

QSL Shoppe

The QSL Shoppe is located at Quincy Junior High School. At the Shoppe, we strive to provide students with clothing, hats, gloves, coats, and backpacks in a non-threatening environment. Students are referred by their guidance counselors to the Shoppe as needed. League members clean and organize the Shoppe. They also collect, sort and organize donations. From August through May, QSL members each work in the Shoppe approximately one hour a month. They may work any day that school is in session between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  

Committee Members:
Becky Livesay - Chair
Whitney Humiston
Laura Tenhouse

Meals on Wheels

As a volunteer for the Meals on Wheels program, members deliver meals to home-bound seniors and disabled people. This project can happen year round (including summers). Deliveries can be scheduled to be made Monday – Saturday. The delivery routes each take one hour. Deliveries can begin as early as 10:45 am, but all meals need to be delivered no later than 1:00 pm. During this hour, approximately 8-9 meals (12 max) are delivered. All routes are in Quincy. Hours to be served will be coordinated with the Meals on Wheels Program director, at (217) 224-5031.  

Committee Members:
Becky Bliefnick
Amy Hasting
Linda Haverstock
Rebecca Knuffman
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